26 Sep

Carpet cleaners for beginners- Methods of carpet cleaning

When the time comes for cleaning the carpets in your homes, some might really sigh with frustration. Carpet cleaning can be a really tedious job and the best way to clean carpets is with the help of a carpet cleaner machine that can be done by professional carpet cleaners

Why should you use carpet cleaners?

Carpet cleaners are one of the best ways in which you can clean a stained carpet in your home. It saves you time as well as money and you can spend your day, in doing something that you would love to do. Most of the carpet cleaners give you various attachments along with the machine so that you can use it end to end. They offer you long hose pipes, big tanks that do not need to be refilled and a wheel underneath so that it can be pulled and not carried. These carpet cleaners can be used on other surfaces as well, such as staircases as well. Knowing the basics of carpet cleaning methods can save you time as well as money

Choosing among the best carpet cleaner equipment

There are a number of carpet cleaner equipment that you can choose from, however you need to choose from the one that would be easy to handle if you are a beginner. The best carpet cleaner are light weight and can be carried easily. Also look for machines that have attachments like hosepipes that would help to spray water easily. Also look for two big tanks where you can put water and detergent in equal proportions so that it helps in stain removal. Last but not the least always looks for carpet cleaners that can help in drying the carpet with the different steam techniques.

What are the different carpet cleaning methods available?

The different carpet cleaners can help in cleaning carpets by a number of methods. They include

  • Shampooing the carpet- this is an easy way to clean the carpet, however shampooing can only be done on the surface of the carpet
  • Bonnet cleaning the carpet- A pad is applied on the surface and this helps to soak the dirt and moisture from the carpet
  • Dry powder cleaning-A chemical is sprinkled on the carpet and the carpet cleaner irritates the solvent which is vacuumed.
  • Hot water and steam cleaning extractions- This is one of the best methods for extraction f dirt with the help of a carpet cleaner. This is ideal for beginners as well because it is easy to maneuver and has a guide as well that can be followed.

The best way to make solutions

Homemade cleaning solutions can also be put into the carpet cleaners which will help to remove the dust particles and tough stain marks from the carpet. These kind of carpet cleaners are best for carpets as well as beginners who would like to start off at home itself.Choose a light carpet cleaner that you can handle in the beginning and then slowly try out a heavier one that would work well.